How to Fix Wireless Headphones that Are Not Charging
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How to Fix Wireless Headphones that Are Not Charging

One of the most common issues with headphones is they do not charge at times. Needless to say, they are also inconvenient considering if you need to use them. Before running to the conclusion that they are broken, it might only have a minor technical difficulty that can be easily solved with a few simple tweaks. If you indeed have this issue at the moment, then do not be discouraged because it is not a hopeless case because I have the potential solution to your concerns. In this short but informative blog, I will share with you a step-by-step guideline on how to fix the issue in your headphones and enjoy their advantages once again. So without any further delays, let’s get right into today’s discussion…

Charge in the Power Outlet And Not On a USB Outlet

If you usually recharge the headphones in a USB outlet or a power bank, then the first solution that you have to take into account is charging them in a power outlet. If you are not aware, the power that is being produced by the USB outlet and power bank is too weak, and it is possible that the low production of power might have caused the headphones to incur errors. To give you a better overview–a regular pair of headphones will need at least 5V to charge properly which you can obtain from a power socket. On the other hand, USB outlets can only produce about 2.5V which is insufficient to power up your accessory.

Try Switching Cables or Charging Bricks

If the headphones suddenly stop working, then it is likely that the charging brick or its cables are damaged in some way or another. So the best solution to the problem is by trying to switch the cable or charging brick with a different one and see whether it fixes the issue.

Clean the Charging Ports

Another potential reason why it is not recharging is because of the accumulation of debris inside the charging port. The debris or dirt that has built up over the periods might be intervening with the normal charging causing it to regain power less efficiently. Thus, you can clean the charging ports with a tiny brush and wipe them off with soft cloth or cotton buds.

Observe if either the Charging Port or Cables are Loose

Before deciding to have the assistance of an expert or buying a new pair of headphones, it is important to check if the cables or charging ports are loose. If this is not the case, then you might need to recheck the tips I relayed previously. But if it is indeed loose, then the good news in this situation is you don’t necessarily have to purchase a new one, and you only need to have it re-positioned. You can bring them to the service center if you are not comfortable opening the case of the headphones.

Hard Reset

The last solution available to you before deciding whether you need a replacement is to do a hard reset on the headphones. The hard reset depends on the brand you are using, but the general method of doing it is by long-pressing the power button.

Final Thoughts

As explained in this short blog, the initial steps in fixing your headphones that are not charging are relatively straightforward which include charging them in a wall socket instead of a USB outlet, switching chargers, cleaning the charging ports, checking if the ports are dirty, and hard resetting the unit if all else fails. But if none of the tips I shared didn’t work, you can now have the option to bring them to the service center or have them replaced. However, may I remind you that the reliability and form factor of the headphones also rely on the brand you currently own? If you are planning to buy a new one but are unsure of which brand to choose, then you have to check out Soundcore’s wide range of products that provide quality and functionality. Fortunately, they are also offering their products under headphones black friday deals that allow you to buy them without having to break the bank.