Colombian guerrilla group ELN released Luis Díaz’s father
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Colombian guerrilla group ELN released Luis Díaz’s father

Luis Díaz’s father, Manuel Diaz, changed into launched by the Colombian guerrilla group ELN on Sunday after being held captive for six months.

The 70-yr-vintage man become kidnapped in April 2023 whilst visiting on a bus inside the department of Norte de Santander.

ELN demanded a ransom of two billion pesos (US$500,000) for his release.

The Colombian government refused to pay the ransom, however finally negotiated a cope with the ELN to launch Díaz.

Díaz turned into released in a remote region of Norte de Santander and become picked up by means of a Colombian army helicopter.

He changed into reunited with his own family at a military base inside the town of Cúcuta.

Díaz changed into unharmed for the duration of his captivity, but he become visibly vulnerable and exhausted while he become released.

He is presently receiving clinical treatment on the military base.

How was Díaz kidnapped?

Díaz became kidnapped on April 12, 2023, whilst touring on a bus in the department of Norte de Santander.

The bus was stopped by using a collection of ELN guerrillas, who ordered the passengers to get off.

The guerrillas then separated Díaz from the alternative passengers and took him away.

Díaz became held captive in a jungle camp for the subsequent six months.

Why become Díaz kidnapped?

The ELN kidnapped Díaz so as to extort cash from his own family and the Colombian government.

The ELN is a guerrilla institution that has been fighting the Colombian authorities for many years.

The ELN is thought for kidnapping civilians and extorting cash from their households and the government.

How become Díaz released?

Díaz turned into released on October 23, 2023, after the Colombian government negotiated a cope with the ELN.

The Colombian authorities refused to pay the ransom demanded by means of the ELN, but sooner or later agreed to release a few ELN prisoners in change for Díaz’s launch.

Díaz become launched in a far off location of Norte de Santander and became picked up by a Colombian military helicopter.

What will occur to Díaz now?

Díaz is presently receiving scientific treatment at a military base within the city of Cúcuta.

Once he is absolutely recovered, he could be reunited along with his own family.

The Colombian government is providing Díaz and his own family with security and guide.

Why is that this story crucial?

This tale is essential because it shows that the Colombian government is devoted to rescuing kidnapped civilians.

It is also critical because it indicates that the ELN is willing to launch hostages in change for the release of its very own prisoners.

This gives desire to the households of different Colombian citizens who’re being held captive via the ELN.

How can we save you this from going on again?

The Colombian government can prevent kidnappings by way of growing protection in areas in which kidnappings are common.

The government can also work to reduce poverty and inequality, which can be factors that make contributions to kidnapping.

Colombian residents also can help to prevent kidnappings by means of being vigilant and reporting any suspicious hobby to the police.