Pornhub’s Parent Company Rebrands as Aylo
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Pornhub’s Parent Company Rebrands as Aylo

Pornhub figure organisation, MindGeek, has rebranded as Aylo. The enterprise says the call alternate displays a “fresh start” and a renewed dedication to innovation, various and inclusive person content material, and consider and safety.

Ethical Capital Partners, a Canadian-based totally private fairness company, offered MindGeek in March this 12 months. The company has said it plans to invest heavily within the agency’s generation and infrastructure, as well as its content material services.

The name exchange comes as Pornhub has been beneath increasing scrutiny for its content material. The website online has been criticized for hosting illegal and non-consensual content.

In 2020, Visa and Mastercard stopped processing bills on Pornhub after a New York Times investigation discovered that the website online had hosted movies of minors.


has for the reason that taken steps to cope with those issues. The web site has applied new age verification measures and has stated it’s miles running to eliminate unlawful and non-consensual content material.

The corporation has also said it’s miles devoted to developing a extra numerous and inclusive person content material enterprise. Aylo has launched a new platform known as “Diversify” so as to awareness on content from underrepresented corporations.

The organisation has additionally stated it is devoted to believe and protection. Aylo has created a new Trust and Safety Council so that it will recommend the business enterprise on a way to keep its customers secure.

The name trade is a tremendous step for Pornhub. The company has been associated with the name Pornhub for over two many years.

The new call is a sign that the company is moving in a new course. Aylo is a more modern-day and ahead-looking name. It is likewise a name that isn’t associated with the enterprise’s past controversies.

Furthermore The enterprise says the name alternate is a mirrored image of its “sparkling start” and its renewed dedication to innovation, various and inclusive person content material, and agree with and safety.

Only time will tell if Aylo might be able to live up to its guarantees. However, the name exchange is an indication that the agency is extreme about creating a trade.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the rebranding:

  • Aylo is a brand new name for Pornhub’s determine organization.
  • The name change reflects a “fresh start” for the company.
  • Aylo is dedicated to innovation,¬†various and inclusive adult content,¬†and believe and protection.
  • The employer has taken steps to address issues about unlawful and non-consensual content on its web page.
  • Aylo has created a new platform called “Diversify” that will focus on content from underrepresented groups.
  • The enterprise has also created a new Trust and Safety Council so one can endorse the employer on a way to maintain its customers safe.

It stays to be visible whether Aylo could be able to shake off the stigma related to its former name, but the employer’s new consciousness on innovation, variety, and safety is a welcome exchange.