Speedrunning Duolingo: Learning a Language at Lightning Speed
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Speedrunning Duolingo: Learning a Language at Lightning Speed

You may also have heard of speedrunning video video games, but did you already know that you may additionally speedrun language getting to know apps like Duolingo?

In March 2023, YouTuber JoZapinski completed the entire Spanish route on Duolingo in just 24 hours. He shared his revel in in a video on his channel, which has on the grounds that been regarded over three million instances.

Zapinski’s speedrun turned into astonishing, however it is no longer the first time a person has finished a Duolingo route in 24 hours. In fact, there is a small community of Duolingo speedrunners who assignment each other to complete publications as quick as viable.

So, why do people speedrun Duolingo? There are some reasons.

Some people do it for the project. They need to look how speedy they are able to research a new language. Others do it for the a laugh of it. They enjoy the competition and the experience of achievement that comes from completing a direction in one of these brief quantity of time.

Still others do it to elevate money for charity. Zapinski, as an instance, raised over $1,000 for Duolingo’s training fund at some point of his speedrun.

How to Speedrun Duolingo

If you’re inquisitive about speedrunning Duolingo, right here are a few recommendations:

Choose a language which you’re already familiar with. This will make it easier to finish the direction quickly.

Use the Duolingo app on a laptop as opposed to a mobile device. This will give you greater display area and make it easier to type.
Take gain of Duolingo’s shortcuts. For instance, you may press the spacebar to skip the audio and text activates for each question.
Don’t be afraid to make errors. You can constantly go returned and fix them later.
Is Speedrunning Duolingo a Good Way to Learn a Language?

Speedrunning Duolingo isn’t always the great way to learn a language in case you’re serious about turning into fluent. It’s greater of a amusing task than a serious getting to know workout.

However, speedrunning Duolingo can be a good manner to show your self to a new language and study a few primary vocabulary and grammar. It also can be a very good way to practice your typing abilties.


Speedrunning Duolingo is a unique and difficult way to study a brand new language. It’s now not the satisfactory way to turn out to be fluent, however it is able to be a amusing and rewarding enjoy.

If you are inquisitive about speedrunning Duolingo, there are a few assets to be had that will help you get began. There are also a number of Duolingo speedrunning communities where you could percentage tips and tricks with other speedrunners.

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