todays quordle hints and answers for thursday-november 25
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todays quordle hints and answers for thursday-november 25

Todays Quordle is a diverse one, with each word posing a new challenge. One word has a repeated letter, while another is extremely obscure and might be a struggle to find. The remaining two words are more on the generic end and should not cause much problem. clues and answers are in the end.

Quordle: A Word Game That Will Challenge Your Brain

Quordle is a word game that is similar to Wordle, however with a twist. Instead of guessing one five-letter word, you need to bet 4 5-letter phrases in nine tries. Each word has its own grid, and you can only guess one word at a time.

How to Play Quordle

  1. Go to the Quordle website or download the app.
  2. Type in a five-letter word and press enter.
  3. The letters in your guess will change color to show you how close you are to the correct word.
  4. Green letters are in the correct spot.
  5. Yellow letters are in the word but in the wrong spot.
  6. Gray letters are not in the word.
  7. Keep guessing until you get all four words correct.

Tips for Playing Quordle

  1. Choose a starting word that has a lot of common letters, such as E, T, A, O, or I.
  2. Pay attention to the clues from your previous guesses.
  3. Try to take away feasible letters as speedy as viable.
  4. Don’t overthink it! Sometimes it is better to simply go along with your intestine feeling.

Benefits of Playing Quordle

  1. Quordle is a brilliant manner to improve your vocabulary.
  2. It’s a fun and challenging way to exercise your brain.
  3. It’s a excellent way to skip the time.

Where to Play Quordle

You can play Quordle on the following websites and apps:

  • Quordle website
  • Quordle app for iOS
  • Quordle app for Android

So what are you waiting for? Start playing Quordle today!


  • Today’s words begin with the letters T, H, U, and T.
  • The words end with P, Y, A, and O.